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Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Value Of Money

I remember when i was a kid growing up in the 80's. "By the power of Grayskull, I have the power!!!" Man, back in the day He-man was way kewl man. Where is all this headed you may ask? Money. And what does He-Man have to do with it? Do read on....

My dad being dad decided to teach me the value of money when I was but a little tyke, I could not have been older than 8 at the time. I used to get a monthly allowance. Lesson number one, budgeting! If you don't plan what you are going to spend your allowance on, you were going to be very hungry during recess time for the last week or so. I remember one plate of Nasi Lemak in the canteen costs something like 50 cents man. You had the quarter half-boiled egg, with some sambal and some dried anchovies (Kong Yee Chai). Man it was delicious man...Bringing back memories now ain't I?

Back to He-Man. Now a He-Man figurine used to costs RM 9.90, (hey this was the eighties man, when the Malaysian Economy was booming and our Ringgit had more strength against other foreign currencies.) Man, Mattel had a good thing going for them man, I remember so wanting to be part of the action that i was longing for a He-Man figurine. Does not help that you were not allowed to play with the other kids in the field if you did not have one man...Yeah, and the neighbour was this Rich Kid who had them all….I mean this guy even had Castle Grayskull for crying out loud.

So one faithful weekend, I remember going shopping with Mom and Dad at Metrojaya in Bukit Bintang Plaza. They used to dump me off at the Toy Department whilst they did their own shopping. They used to have this little play pens where you could play with Lego blocks and some toys that they placed there. When they came to pick me up, we walked past the He-Man display man. I stood there frozen....Literally with my jaw wide open. I remember motioning to Mom and Dad that I wanted one. Dad would have nothing of it man. I remember wanting to cry, but if I had, dad would have laid the smack down on me man. Rest assured i was sulking all the way back home.

Some time passed between the incident in the toy store when dad called me up to his room for a discussion. When dad called you by your full name, you go into all defensive mode man, like, "it wasn't was jie jie..." Heheheheh

He sat me down on the bed and gave me my monthly allowance. He then told me, "If you really want the He-Man, you will have to pay for half of it..." Lesson Number two, Value of Money. I can't remember how much i was getting back then, but i believe they He-Man would have wiped out half of my monthly Allowance. Lesson number three quickly followed, saving....Surprising how the Nasi Lemak does not look as tempting as before now that you have a goal in mind. He-Man!

Weeks passed and I managed to scrounge up enough to pay 5.00 for He-Man. I was the happiest Kid in the neighbourhood man. Now the kid next door had somebody to battle with Skeletor. Gotsa give my old man his props man, get one figurine and you get to join the group and play with a whole bunch of other figurines. Plus he managed to save half the price of Admission as well ;)

He-Man? He is still sitting pretty in my Toy Chest man. That's how much I treasure him.

Dad, of all the lessons you have thought me when i was younger these 3 stick out from the rest. Ain't got nothing but love for you Dad =)